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Clare offers Musical Voice techniques and Music Theatre Vocal coach for College and Graduation School applications.
In-person & online lessons & consultations are available now! 




For YOU who sing for fun:

Are you:

♭ Having a hard time with

belting/staying at your high


♭ Confused about how to use

your breath more efficiently

during singing?

♭ Having no idea how to

make/cover a song sounding like

the best YOU?

Clare offers:

♯ One on one personalized lessons tailored with your specific needs!

♯ Efficient ways of practice to reach your goals more easily!

♯ More than music theory, it’s


♯ Cover & nail 🤟a song with the best version of your voice!

Besides Vocal lessons, Clare also offers
online & in-person
Piano and Mandarin lessons! 






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Dr. Joseph Huang,

Adjunct Professor,
Graduate Institute of Performing Arts
National Taiwan Normal University

While training these instructors, Chien-Lun was nurturing and inspiring...she never runs out of ideas about how to inspire and motivate all of the students and this even extends to her peers and colleagues.  She never gives up on solving the students’ problems.


Arvin Jin,
CEO, Royal Elizabethan Education Centre

I was exactly right with my choice of choosing Chien-Lun as my teaching and business partner... I was also impressed with how she handled the sensitive, healing-oriented exercises, she succeeded in taking care of every student’s feelings through the singing exercises and made the whole class more supportive and safe like a family by enhancing the students’ cohesion in class...Chien-Lun is a charming educator and a team player with extraordinary skills. She never tried to impress the students but she wins the respect and love from the students by her professional attitude and her thoughtfulness. As a business and teaching partner, she also wins my biggest trust and respect.

Dr. Ji-Jeng Fang,

Educational Director

The Shuang Wen Academy Network

Ms. Lee’s professional advice to the students made a significant and immediate difference to their voices, helping the students bring a pure bright and authentic tone to their voice that I had never heard from their singing before...Ms. Lee has shown a very strong commitment to her work and is certainly an irreplaceable and unique artist who has demonstrated her credentials.

Stina Chu,

Music Teacher

Taipei European School

I believe a great teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, and wisdom in each student. Clare definitely has touched my heart, not only that, she provides an absolute high-quality vocal lesson with in-depth musical knowledge, enthusiasm, good communication and motivational skill. She has truly inspired me in many ways. I highly recommend Clare as a vocal teacher!

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